my journey in black and white

Soccer Fever

It takes more than six years for me to start make a writing on this site. It was Stephanus Hannie and Igor Firdauzi that inspired me to begin to write. They were some of my favourite photographers, as well as Henry Cartier Bresson and Steve McCurry. And of course “Mbah” Joko Nuswantoro – my friend and also my mentor in photography (I have to admit it here, eventhough we often criticize each other photographs when we met). This is one of the story of my journey with him. DSC_0590EBWL Once again there were rain that made me stopped my motorcycle aside on the way to Chinatown. It was November 2008, rainy season, no wonder the weather changed so quickly as before it was clear and sunny. I step aside in front of a closed store near MAJT to protect my camera from getting wet of rain.

selected photo for Salon Foto Indonesia 2009 and Garuda International Photo Contest 2009

Slide & Splash – selected photo for Salon Foto Indonesia 2009

Couple hours of waiting the rain are stopping. Only small teardrops left. Above I saw kids are running towards the football field behind the.MAJT. One carrying a football running into that wet and muddy field. DSC_0531EBWL Their going to play football!! It will be a great moment to shoot.. Shouldn’t miss it!! Grab on my camera and change the lens into my 70-300mm sigma. Texted my friend “Mbah” Joko Nuswantoro whose home not far away from here to share this moment. DSC_0533EBWL DSC_0683EBWL DSC_0685EBWL “Come here quick!!” I said,”You would regret if you miss this” “Coming”, he said. I can tell from his voice that he was just waken up from his afternoon nap. I began to take shots without waiting for him to come. DSC_0547EBWL DSC_0680EBWL “This is a rare & precious moment that might be only come once in a lifetime” Many shots have made and the game has just finished as “Mbah Joko” arrived on location. DSC_0672 copy “D**n I’m late!!” he said “You’re missing the best moment bro” DSC_0691EBWL


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