my journey in black and white

The Returning


Excited,enthusiast,anxious maybe those words could represent what I felt a night before the day I’m going to grab my camera back on street again after more than three years been kept in my drybox – maybe this also explain what caused my 18-70mm lens got error on it autofocus system.

Those feelings also kept me awake and couldn’t sleep that night until 1.30am..can’t wait to see morning comes. alarm woke me up and I get to rush to prepare everything.

“Ready?” I short messaged Adam my bro who is going to accompany me for this photohunt.

“Teardrops,”he answered shortly, “Maybe we should reschedule,” he said again.

“What??”I got out quick to see what happen…I looked up at the sky and yes teardrops are coming…again dissapointment came in me as the weather not supporting me for this hunting plan…

I still get my car out of garage anyway…I’m not giving up again after couple days ago I have cancelled my plan to go to Merapi for a photoshot there. I ran out my car on the road and get myself back together again after seeing that there are no more rain coming out on the way to the harbour where I’m heading.


I contacted Adam again,”No more rain,”I said

“Yes..But the sky is flat…No good,”he answered

“Let’s just wait another couple hours, or maybe we should change location,” He said again.

I think he understand my anxiety to go hunting after years of “fasting”

“Where?” I asked.

“Pasar Gang Baru?” he answered me with a question

“Mmm..Pasar Gang Baru, my favourite spot..OK, I’ll pick you up now at the meeting point..Let’s just have some breakfast while we wait til the sky’s open” I said quick before he changed his mind again.

I don’t want this hunting time tobe canceled anymore. I’m very thirst for this moment.
It’s about 6.00 am when we met up at meeting point. The sun has come up but above heading to the harbour the sky still seem flat. We decided to keep on to the harbour as we’ve first planned.

Thanks God the weather getting better as we’ve arrived on location.


After having a cup of tea and light up my cigarette we took out our gears from the bags and started to shoot..finally I got back to this moment of excitement after these last three years.



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